Benefit of Members

Membership provides you access to see and register for our valuable resources and upcoming events, as well as to build networks with other professional members and teams in hydrology and environmental areas.


Individual members:

You can personally register as an individual member, with the right of access to most of our resources, newsletters, database, and event. 

Corporate members:

Representatives can register their companies/institutions as corporate membership. Besides the benefit above, corporate members also enjoy other services necessary for them, for instance, the arrangement of company group in the events, etc. 

Honorable members:

The individual and corporate members being continuously active or conducting significant contributions will be upgraded to honorable members according to our calculation system. It indicates access to more resources and events as well as an authorization to announce their events, calls and information on our platform.

Committee members:

Committee members are elected periodically from all our members, committee is the decision-maker of the regulation and activities of NHF in the future. We hope to provide a dynamic way where everyone has a chance to play key roles and improve our platform for research and application in the area of hydrology and the environment.


Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.